September 9, 2016

Entrepreneur Pro X PR1050X

The Most Innovative 10-Needle Home and Small Business Embroidery Machine

Take a closer look at the revolutionary Entrepreneur® Pro X PR1050X, a highly powerful and efficient 10-needle embroidery machine but with the ease-of-use and reliability that only Brother can provide. The PR1050X raises the bar for embroidery enthusiasts, crafters and home-based entrepreneurs. The PR1050X comes equipped with some of the most powerful design and editing capabilities ever built into a multi-needle embroidery machine. Just when you think you’ve reached the limits of creative freedom, look again…eXplore the possibilities.

Industry-first InnovEye® 2 Technology with high speed background scanning
• Now with up to 5x the scanning speed and up to 3x the resolution of prior models. Just scan your fabric or garment, preview yourdesign on screen, and you’re ready to embroider. It now workswith the optional Cap and Cylinder Frames too.

NEW! Virtual Design Preview™ for design positioning
• Get a real-time camera view of the needle area and see your embroidery design superimposed on your fabric – no scanning needed!

Industry-first ScanImation™ Scanning Frame
• Using InnovEye® 2 Technology and our state-of-the-art scanning frame, scan drawings or printed clip art directly intoMy Design Center.

NEW! My Design Center – outline recognition for stipple and fill patterns
• Accurately add stippling or fill to any embroidery design, save the outline, and then choose from 10 new built-in decorative fillpatterns or stipple stitch. With enhanced preview mode, see both the scanned design and selected stippling or fill pattern beforeyou begin to stitch.

NEW! My Design Center – trapunto-like embroidery
• Easily create trapunto-like projects using the new save outline feature – the last 6 outlines are saved.

NEW! My Design Center – inside & outside auto stipple and fill patterns
• Use the built-in library of shapes to add interesting detail to any project. Combine shapes and apply inside or outside stippling.Choose from decorative fill patterns with separate stitch settingsto create unique designs. Includes 60 closed shapes, 30 open shapes, and 5 line options.

NEW! Go wireless with BES®4 Dream Edition Software and BES® Upgrade Kit
• The included BES®4 Dream Edition is a full-featured lettering, monogramming and customization PC software programwith a free wireless upgrade kit that provides access to a freecloud-based application for storage and basic on-the-go editing capabilities.

NEW! Enhanced embroidery editing
• Easily edit your embroidery – insert letter at mid-point of text line; input second line of text; Left, Center and Right alignment; grouping after line break; edit a single letter; and edit a full line of text.

Large 10.1″ built-in high definition LCD display
• View your creations in crisp, vivid color and navigate easily with the scrolling menu and large, intuitive icons. View22 built-in tutorial videos or view MP4 files on-screen.

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